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Jan Dhan Yojana Getting Converted Into Jan Darr Yojana

Indian Prime Minister most ambitious program Jan Dhan Yojana to connect the unconnected with the banking system is the mainstream troublesome area today for GoI. Under Jan Dhan Yojana 258.5 million customers got connected with banking system and most of them are illiterate & poor citizen predominantly lives in remote rural area.

During Demonetization Drive, The Black Money hoarders trapped them and started using Jan Dhan Yojana account to convert their Black Money into White. Most of the citizen using others account holders account are dominant citizens of the society. Post Narendra Modi warning to Jan Dhan Yojana account holders not being used attracted many threats to account holders.

As more than 30000 crore got deposited in those account in a span of three weeks clearly indicate that something fishy is there.

Now poor citizen of India having account under Jan Dhan Yojana started calling it Jan Darr Yojana.
In my point of view, local and central govt must take strong action against those who is threatening our citizens to protect poor people and set an example so that other thinks twice before doing the same.
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