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Libyan Plane Hijack - Message For International Community

Unfortunately, Libyan plane got hijacked and landed in Malta. Recently we have seen surge in terrorist activities across middle east, Europe, India and now Libya. It's an indication that terrorist trained in Middle East war torn area such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq where they are losing ground and spread across geography.

Last week Berlin, Turkey attack coupled with today hijack should be considered as warning signal for whole world and it's time for every country to define terrorist activities under UN charter. We have seen many countries which tried to topple other countries. Government is suffering more and supply of arm to friendly rebel is nothing but supporting but helping terrorist.

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi prediction came true that one day we all will be suffering as there should not be difference between good and bad terrorist.

I pray for all 118 passenger and crew member and hope that all will be released without any harm.
Still it's not late but time for unite and beef up inter government intelligence and security.
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