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Virat Kohli -Supersonic Missile of World Cricket

Indian Test Captain Virat Kohli has been showing his class for last many years. Virat entered into global world cricket in 2011 and wasted no time to show his conviction to take Indian cricket to new heights. His commitment to succeed surprised all his opponents and received praise from all quarter of sporting world. He adjusts his game in any format and believes in his fitness. If one looks at his records, he already scored 15 and 25 hundreds in Test and ODI'S respectively.
He successfully converted his aggressive nature into motivation to succeed. We all know that sledging is very common in world cricket and countries like Australia and England cricketer believes in that. He responded them in the same fashion coupled with onslaught on opponent bowlers. More bowlers try to irritate him, the more he attacks them beyond imaginable shots.
Being a fitness freak, he scored maximum by running between the wickets instead of relying on four and sixes. It does not mean that he is weak in that.
When Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul, Saurav and Sehwag retired from Indian cricket then world cricket analyst started questioning Indian batting ability but Virat Kohli showed his Supersonic Missile oriented approach in all area of cricket.
It is also a known fact that once anyone get popular they get lots of money but the humbleness Virat Kohli carry is remarkable. He showed it when he took the dance floor during Yuvraj Singh wedding. He cares for his entire team as well as cricketers not in the team for one or any other reason. When he came as guest to Kapil Sharma show, he showed his humour and won million hearts.
Many jealous bowler like James Anderson claimed that due to slow wicket Virat is making tons of run but he forget that he tore apart English bowling during India visit to England.
The way he is playing and if manages to keep his Supersonic Missile approach through his fitness then I won't be surprised that India will have another legend in world cricket.

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