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Astrology Impact- Generic Vs. Specific

Worldwide many of us believe in star position and do follow Astrology or palmistry or Numerology. We humans are always curious to know about our tomorrow as it gives us sense of security irrespective of Race,Region and Religion.

There are 12 zodiac sign and   many star impacts it differently. With new year 2017 dashed in which also brought many queries from within; be it you or me. We go through the yearly prediction published in news paper or portal and get very happy by reading all good things which is going to happen.

In astrology, date, time and place of birth plays crucial role in identifying specific stars which is in dominating situation to weaker situation. The placement and movement of stars gives an indication about one's future which include your financial, love, family,professional life, Health and many more.

The absence of anyone specific information and believing in generic prediction basis the current star positioning followed by its impact on particular zodiac sign might be Misleading.It is always advisory to connect with good astrologer even though you have to shell out some money for that. It will help you to actually know the strength and weakness indicator which will be prevailing in due course.

Astrology is science and no one can give guarantee but smart human may take the clue from it and work on the weakness to ensure that success falls in place. In case anyone is having any kind of queries then they can write us back at

Please don't follow generic astrology but one should go for specific one. Let's join hand and help each other to make our life more predictable and peaceful.
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