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Donald Trump First Media Interaction - Tough Time Ahead For US

US president in waiting interacted with media for the first time post winning US Presidential election. He gave detailed view on Russia melding in Presidential election, immigration, Job Creation, Mexico Wall, Muslim Entry in US and Role of media in US.

His comment on Mexico wall with adamant approach indicate that he is going to execute that just to fulfill his arrogant nature. The quick response from Mexico that they will not pay for the wall shows that neighbour is not comfortable with Donald Trump plan and it may lead to unrest within US. Any move in that direction will send clear picture within Latin American countries about US dictatorial attitude. I won't be surprised if unrest within US happen as his panic living in US is going to protest the same.

Donald Trump comment on Russian government role in US election is nothing but expected. He preferred to question his country agencies who is going to report to him indirectly. Being a to be President, how he can be so judgemental without going through the classified documents.His response on Job creation and putting a plug on H1B visa holder is nothing but a move to kill innovation in Silicon Valley. His comment shows clearly that he has no clue about foreign skilled labour role in US. Some of them are crucial in many companies innovation labs to strategy. If we look at the technology segment such as Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP, Oracle, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are dependent on skilled professional. The exodus of such resources will impact company share price and ultimately US citizens will lose. In that way, Donald Trump will not be the creator of wealth but destroyer.

His comment on China is nothing but laughable. He should be aware that China invested billions of surplus $ in US government securities which run in trillions of $. The response from China may destabilize the financial system of US. The move by Donald Trump to threaten the CEO of companies to keep their factories in US otherwise pay higher taxes is nothing but dictatorial approach and US is going to lose as less investment will be going to US.

Still its not late and Donald Trump should change his track before its too late.
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