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Donald Trump Visa Ban On 7 Muslim Countries - The Real Loser

US President Mr. Donald Trump used executive order to ban US entry of many Muslims countries such as Iraq, Iran,Yemen, Somalia, Syria and also imposed stringent visa rules for countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. The logic of Honorable President is to protect America from terrorist attack. I strongly believe that  US administration must have taken that call after well thought process but I do not agree with their move. As we all are moving towards open border, the move is reverse movement and an arrogant move. The thought of "You need us and We don't need you " may act fatal.

In my opinion banning the citizen movement of any country is nothing like but teaming them as terrorist which is shameful. In open society of USA, many successful citizens and taxpayers are from those countries. USA should not forget that the countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq control Oil blocks and offers billions of $ worth of business opportunity and am sure that it's a golden opportunity for Chinese or European countries to bag those contract as listed countries will definitely respond back.

Many investors of these countries hold huge stake in many USA based companies as well as government bond and USA should be prepared for counter when these countries will start reshuffling their investment from US to another part of the world. The coming months will be very tough for USA stock exchanges like DOW and NASDAQ. One should not be surprised of higher oil price as these countries control oil market. Intentional pumping of oil can be their strategy to artificially inflate oil price which will impact US economy dearly.

Many established professionals from these countries contributing in different organisations of USA may decide to go back to their countries in fear of safety which will act as brain drain for US. The ongoing executive order by Donald Trump is going to bring only problems for US on international forum as most of the countries will start teaming up with countries who support them and hence USA is bound to loose it's effective global power tag.

In my point of view, none of the human from any religion is bad and should not classified in different bucket. In my point of view, USA will be the biggest loser whereas China, Russia,India and some of the European countries will gain from it. I request reader to share this article with a comment that we all love all religion. God bless all.
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