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Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 For Capricorn Zodiac Sign

On 26th January 2017, Saturn will make transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius and will be in your 12th house from 1st house. It will be there till 24th January 2020 and will be looking at your 2nd, 6th and 9th house. The Saturn position in 12th house indicate expenditure as well investment. The ruler of your birth sigh is Saturn and also the ruler of your 2nd house which is related to family.

The presence in 12th house may force you to travel a lot as well as location change with respect to Job or office. You may also expect foreign trip and will feel tired most of the time because of that.As the position of Saturn is related to expenditure and hence irrespective of your earning, you should be cautious while expending it even though your earning will be good. You should also expect trouble due to jealous enemies. Hence you should be extra careful before you spend.

On the personal side, you will get lots of support from your spouse and sibling. Your father support will change the course of your life through his blessing so never hurt him in any form. One may also see their marriage even after long awaited delay with full of happiness. You may face some hurdle in adding new family member but it will come with delay.

Your romantic life will be interesting and pleasant. If one is looking for job then its not the good time and one has to do lots of effort to get the same. Post relentless effort; you may get flurry of job offer which will confuse you completely. You should keep yourself composed, focused, honest and humble with tendency to help the needy as it will bring luck for you.

In case of property, be extra careful before buying any property. You may have to make lots of efforts to get your ancestral properties. You should be extra vigilant while driving and stay away from any rash driving in any circumstances.

On the business side, you have to make lots of effort to get your path through and at the same time be assured that you will be successful and hence don't get frustrated while making that journey. Try to be on healthy diet and stay away from outside food. Warm home cooked food is going to keep you healthy. Stay away from Smoking, Drinking and late night parties as it will bring trouble for you on many front. Keep your anger under control and start trusting your know people instead of doubting their intention. You should also learn to read others and others intention to secure you and your family. Don't get dishearten if one talks blunt with you and indicating the negatives as it will bring positive result out of you.
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  2. Transit Saturn brings Sade Satte for your rasi. This transit will be a period of ups and downs. You will see struggle initially but will overcome all challenges and be successful. You have to compulsorily do all remedies of Saturn to see improvement in all aspects of life. Career and profession will move slowly and can face hurdles and difficulties which can be solved if dealt with patience, perseverance and diplomacy. You will need to put extra effort and hard work. Plans and goals will be realized with extra effort and after overcoming obstacles and challenges.Click now to get your Personalised Saturn Transit Report