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Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

On 26th January 2017, Saturn is going to make a move from  Scorpio to Sagittarius and will in your Ascendant after leaving your 12th house. It will be there till 24th Jan 2020 and will be looking at your 3rd, 7th and 10th house.

Due to presence of Saturn in your 12th house, you must have experienced higher expenses, bad health, loss in business and many more. The movement of Saturn in birth sign which is called jenma Sani will bring relief in expense along with mixed outcome when it comes to financial situation.Many of you may come across unexpected travel which may bring positive cash flow and according your needs will be increased. In order to be peaceful while targeting decent growth; you must work on your communications and stay away from any gossip or argument within or outside family. Your single aim should be your work.

Post Saturn makes complete transit; you may face problem in recovering money which you command. You may expect strained relationship with your spouse which you can fix through your polite communications only. You will feel lazy and learning curve will be slow. You should opt for anything which is related to studies as it will bring positive result. Your effort and concentration can change your fortune but you need to tide over the time to time distraction from the same. One should be very careful while driving and stay away from any kind of rash driving in any circumstances. Take care of your parents health in any circumstance and ensure that they follow healthy diet and living plan.

Saturn Transit will also bring positive waves in your family provided you make an honest effort. You should not neglect your health. Ensure that you take meals on time, go for exercise, Interact with people and learn the positive and negative of society and don't follow negative.

One looking for Job will get it but it will not be that satisfactory but your hard work and commitment may change the scenario completely. Your relationship with Spouse and Sibling will be smooth whereas you should be careful while choosing your friends.
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