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Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

On 26th January 2017, Saturn is going to make transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius and will leave Ascendant. It is going to be in your 2nd house till next transition till 24th January 2020. Saturn is going to look at your 4th, 8th and 11th house.

As Saturn was in your birth sign which must have inflicted financial loss, problem at job, less appreciation for your hard work, delay in work execution and unwarranted obstacles in all part of your life. The tide is going to change for better now with more gain on financial and family side. You should expect the name and fame in coming months which you lost in the past in the society. Good event will happen on family front which will reduce your exhaustion which you suffered in the past. You will meet influential people which will change the course of your life for better and will create immense opportunity for you.

As Saturn is lord of your 3rd and 4th house as per your sign and it may have bad influence for family member. The position of Saturn in your 2nd house is going to bring support from Sibling and spouse followed for unexpected windfall from unexpected quarters. The presence of Saturn in your 2nd house may bring cash crunch situation for you as well as frustration at work. Don't resign from your job as haste.

Be ready for hectic travel which may pop unexpectedly and it will bring positive result for you and bring motivation in your life. It will also help your family life to an extent which will bring peace and prosperity. Stay away from rumour and don't get indulge in giving response to that . You may get repayment of outstanding debt which you gave it to other.

For those in Jobs, may see frequent shift in job as well as location. You will also get ancestral property which will shore up your financial state and cover your past financial losses. It will make your financial strong which will enable you to invest or start your own venture. Share market will be lucky for you in the form of long term investment.

Be careful about your mother heath and don't neglect it. Be careful of your voice and don't be arrogant as it may bring problems for you. Don't try to interfere in other family affair and start meditation to keep yourself on right track. Stay away from anyone criticism and argument.

Romantic life will be filled with colour and joy which may end up in marriage. New Family member may bring cheer to your life. Your relationship with your spouse and sibling will be great and don't allow any third person to interfere in your family life as it will be disastrous.For more information based on your date of birth you can send  your queries to
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