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Communication Skills - Backbone Of Motivation And Success

In growing competitive social and professional environment, it is an utmost importance that how we react to particular situation. As we all go through one or another anxiety related problem which translate into initial form of  Depression. We know that hyper anxiety may spoil ones personal and professional success story and once that happen it trigger depression. Being human, we are habitual of blaming other for our own situation or to circumstance but fails to do introspection of ongoing anxiety without any partiality.

The core of above is Communications Skills. We human are reactive in nature and very resistant to any probable change around us. We always tend to criticise others instead of looking into our-self. Most importantly, in fast moving life, we miss to cleansing our-self through meditation. It is very important for all of us to be good in communication skills, be it any language. If you will observe that the day you try to keep things straight, you are through with day at work or home whereas in other way around situation, our mind is occupied all the time with revenge mode.

Communications Skills is nothing but one's second breathing. Be more clear, polite coupled with personal touch instead of adamant communications. By choosing adamant communications, you are not hurting anyone but hurting yourself the most as it increases your anxiety. Of that anxiety keeps knocking your door the it reduces your motivational factor as your mind is continuously thinking on aspect which is not going to yield any result. The continuous recurrence of anxiety leads you towards depression which I believe none of want to be in. If my mistake or in the absence of guidance, ones falls into depression than they should put all their effort to increase their inner communications to identify sleeping poison within you. 

Now the question comes that how to learn good communications skills and the tricks are simple and as follows:
1. Be a good listener. When someone is talking against you then also you should listen instead of interrupting them.
2. If someone criticises  you then politely thank that person and do the introspection. You should feel proud that someone is thinking about it even though he can be wrong or right.
3. Go for honest introspection and analyse the criticism. If you find that the person was right then don't forget to thank him whenever you meet him or her.
4. Start writing your thoughts on the paper as it helps you to present your words in calibrated manner.
5. Try not to loose temper as it is not going to hurt other but you directly or indirectly. By getting irritated you are hurting yourself the most.
6. Always try what's others suggest. It might be the case that the suggestion will turn into goldmine for you.
7. Go to social function so that you will start observing others which will bring change within you.
8. Start trusting your spouse, siblings and professional team as it will relax you to great extend. In order to develop trust, you should take proactive approach to reach out the other side. Once the other side will see the initiation then they will be receptive too.
9. Go for walk on lonely road and start talking with yourself and the process will make you practically correct person.

It is not important that Communications skills means only speaking and writing skills but it's a broader game. The best communications skills are to be Silent when other side is angry. The above will help you to get rid of aloof part of your life and after few weeks you will see huge difference. As conclusion, be a good listener before reaction.
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