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Self Induced Constructive vs. Destructive Thoughts - Road To Collateral Gain Or Loss

We as an human are thinking round the clock.We face issues which impacts our daily life in positive or negative way. The clear vision and mission of one's life set the tone of your thought process. We are also aware that every humans goes through up's and down which lead us to a situation of growth or loss of confidence. We are habitual of developing perceptions and subsequently react to situation but miserably fails to look our inner thought process as humans tends to be partial.

Thought process posses vitamins which may kick-start any activities in positive or negative manner. In our professional or personal life, we tend to develop perception about work to employees to family members that lead us to self induced thought process. Self Induced thought process can be of positive which I called as Constructive and Destructive.

The Constructive thought process trigger ones confidence, willing to achieve, be competitive, Collateral responsibilities. It is also being observed that most of us do not fall in this category as we human believe in our benefits and never gets concerned about other. People who is having Constructive thought process lend their unconditional support, positivism to all the initiative they undertake and most importantly know how to appreciate other good work. It's a known fact that positivism lead to conviction to win over all hurdle as well as excel in all areas. Unconditional support attitude of Positive Frame of mind oriented people are always tends to lead instead of following others. They are innovative in whatever area they are. When it comes to family, they try to balance things and always ready to compromise in order to smooth up the situation.

The above benefits of constructive thought bring collateral gain across ones life. One become more social and tend to feel other pain easily. During that process some time they are bound to get the backstabbing but in longer run make life long friends of all weathers.

On a contrary, Destructive thought oriented people are mostly negative thinking process oriented. They always keep presumption about everything and start their thinking with the probability of failure. They are escapist in nature and run away from taking any responsibility and accountability. In order to gain attentions, they try all tricks and always jealous of other success. On the family front, they tend to blame other and fails to identify their own mistakes. They try to hide their weakness in one or another way and when they run out of option then their behaviour changes drastically.
Destructive thought centric people keep them self happy by seeing others success but they don't have any ambition to be successful. The self induced destructive thought process is nothing but an initiation by an human which takes them to Collateral Disastrous life.

Still it's not late and one should do introspection with clear heart and make an honest attempt to covert them self into Constructive Thought oriented humans.
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