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Zodiac Sign Weekly Prediction - 12th Feb 2017 To 18th Feb 2017


This week is a development week for you. You can grow pretty well. The more you put in hard work, the more you will reap its fruits. The progress would require investment too henceforth you can have heavy expenses. Overseas and government contracts would be beneficial for you. If you donate money or lend money to someone, they will grow so it is a good time to help others. Family members would be lucky for you. This week you have to be careful about your health.


This week is good for your family life. You will have good time with your siblings, your bond and understanding will grow stronger. You can gain from them emotionally as well as financially. This is a good time for marriage proposals also. For business, good time for investment is there but you need to be careful while dealing with your partner. For service people, promotions can be on their way. Be careful about your mother's health.


This is a winner's week for you. Your court cases can be settled in your favour. Enemies will avoid you as you will be very strong this week. Politicians will taste the success. You can get a very good leader or guide or guru who will bring positive change in you. There can be sudden growth in income and property. For the growth of business, both inflow and outflow of money would be there. This is a good time for both new and existing partnership. You can get news of new addition to family. Your children will get you good name.


This is a week when you need to control yourself. Weigh your words before you say them as it can hurt someone and things can go against you. Take good care of your mother's health, this is required. Be careful while travelling. Your children can bring some good news for you. You can get recognition through them. Good week for work for women, if you do invest or start business on wife's name it would be beneficial. Cordial relations with siblings. Service people be careful at work. Businessman should avoid signing any new overseas or import/export contract.


This week will test your remembrance power. You can easily forget things and work so do make a note of important things to be done this week. You can have strained relation  with your spouse and other family members so mood swings can be there for you. Be careful about your health specially skin. You can have disturbed sleep, laziness and low esteem this week. Business would be usual but you should not do any new investment or sign any new contract this week. Donate to people in need, this will bring peace and harmony in your life.


This week you need to be patient and in control but you will also have strong will power and courage. There can be changes in the family be it lifestyle or members or anything related to family. You need to control your words and actions. Very loving relation with spouse. Children can bring good news for you. Good week for new investment, house, office. There could be sudden plan for domestic or international travel. Be careful while travelling. You can suffer from some Eye problems. Men should be careful for their kidney and Women for their uterus.


This is a very good week for business for you. Things that you have planned may not work out but unplanned work and activities can bring you great success even Raj Yog is possible for you this week. It is a good week to make any new investment or purchasing. Your Partnership can prove to be very beneficial for you and you can earn profits. Politicians can get good name, fame along with position. Enemies will avoid you. Very happy family life for you, you can gain through your family. Be careful about your kidney, any stone related medical issue can be there.


This week you will face mood swings. Try to be calm and practise meditation. You can be upset on little things as well. Listen first before saying anything to avoid arguments and conflicts. Control your temper and anger. Change of place can be there. Sudden gain in name, income and property could be there. Your association with any political personality will be beneficial for you. Your Guru jee will appreciate you. Happiness through family members will be there. Take good sleep and rest.


This week brings peace and love to your family life. If there were any strain relationships within the family, they will ease out, problems will be resolved. You can spend good time with your spouse and children and create lifetime memories. But ensure that you have control on your tongue. Don't be harsh with words. Good time to make new friends. Good time for new purchases or property as well. Be careful about your health. Be careful while travelling.


This is a week for progress for you. Lots of new development work can be there. You can have promotions as well. Change of place either work or home can be there. Don't do any suspicious work or do hidden things, it may harm you. Don't annoy your family members. Government officials may get promotions. Pilgrimage can be planned this week. If you were planning to file new law suit against someone, this is the right time for it. Careful with family members. New marriage proposal can be there. Donation to special people will help you.


This is a week for growth in business. Luck will be in your favour. You can enjoy good health and wealth and can be very peaceful this week. There can be heavy growth in income, but simultaneously there can be heavy expenses too. You should do work calmly and not in hasty manner. Be careful about spouse health. Don't argue with elders or boss. New partnership for business will be good. New love interest or marriage proposal can be there. You may also get good news for addition of new child in family. Children can bring name and fame to you.


This is a social week for you. A week that you will spend time with influential people in politics, business, religion. These people will bring good luck to you and you will have their blessings and long lasting cordial relation with them. Enemies will not stand any where near you. Keep your plan secret, don't discuss or boost about it else it will not see the success. You can get ancestral property this week. Government official will be benefited. This is a happy time for you and your family. But be careful while dealing with your children. Keep an eye on them.
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