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Go for Meditation to Control Emotions and Sensitive Nature - Else People will Toss you Upside-down

In today's environment everyone needs to be careful about their surroundings. As society evolve, both good and bad part gets added to the system. Human should adopt to that environment to able to survive.

Most of the time, Humans are very resistant in changing their mindset or way of living their life. In some of the cases if one suggest other one to adopt to new changes happening within the society then generally receiving end shows lots of resistance.

I am not asking the reader to change as per the society and adopt to bad part of it but of course one can always go for good one. For us being an human, everyday is learning process but we are so busy in our daily life that we intend to miss the happening around us and how it is impacting us.

Have you ever closed your eye and thought that what you gained today or what you have lost. I can bet that 80% never care about it as all of us believe in living today life. We all should understand that today life cycle is bound to impact us in the future.

In 70's or 80's; human being used to live their life with full of emotions and sensitivity and used to help each others in any of the circumstance irrespective of region and caste. Now the situation is very different and society is full with corruption, deception etc. It is bound to bother you. If one want to stay away from it without being affected by those negative surroundings to waves; I recommend that one should do meditation on daily basis. Close your eyes and concentrate small ball on your forehead. Move the ball from forehead to naval and back. It will be very difficult in the beginning to focus like that but once you do it for few days then you can move the ball as per your wish. The process will divert you from all the worries as your focus will be only on one ball.

One need to understand that if one can control virtual ball then they can also control the environment without being impacted. If one ignore and think that let things happen and then will take care of the same then be ready to be tossed upside down by opportunistic people

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