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The Garbage of Indian Marriage System Must Go - Don't Sit Idle But Participate to fix it

India is on the verge of moving from developing to developed country. Economic growth pace is one of the fastest in the world. The Indian minds are considered one of the best in the world. Indian Products are considered to be the best of quality. Indian companies turned the table and be a acquirer instead acquired tag. Indian Government is talking about Smartcities, Renewal energy, Nuclear Energy. India will soon send human on Moon. Isn't it looks like goodies goodies.

The major drawback of Indian society is the culture. India is still the male dominated society where female are considered as housewife even though wife goes out for job and slog for 9 hrs but still she has to cook.

The Indian marriage system is flawed. Still dowry system is not going away. Even influential family with hell of money also ask for dowry. It seems that Indian mentality is simple and that is " Son is the best" and it needs to be changed. Why husband cannot do household stuff if wife is working? Why Girls parents are forced to pay dowry to get their married? Why 20 people team select girl during girl selection process?

I am talking about Urban sector situation and not talking about rural sector. Why Husbands are allowed to assault wife on small issues. We as human sit idle and watch the match and think that its not our problem. We should come out of that mindset and must stand to send a message so that anyone who are taking undue advantage of Marriage gets clear message.

If you think that it happened with you then share with your friends and I know minimum will forward this article as all of us lives in fear . 
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