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Smartphone Sale May Witness Steep Fall In India - Thanks To Demonetization

The launch of 4G by Reliance and unprecedented adoption of Reliance SIM by the end consumer propelled Smartphone sales growth during June-Aug 2016. According to my calculation, Indian Smartphone Sales during Sept-Dec 16 would be around 33 Million. Unfortunately, my projection now stand null and void post Indian Government announcement of Demonetizing 500 & 1000 currency notes on 8th Nov 2016.

The most acceptable currency note nullification brought whole industry on standstill and Smartphone Industry is also one of them. The stringent taxation rule and monitoring by the government impacted cash oriented sector and Smartphone retail segment falls in that category. In my point of view, post good uptick during festive season in India, Smartphone sale witnessed steep fall in their sales.

Consumers are skeptical in spending money as all of them are in the state of confusion. We all should not be surprised in case total shipment fall to 23 to 25 million ranges. Many Smartphone players will have tough time to survive given the high operational cost model. The industry will come back to growth level after two quarter post proper circulation of new currency notes within the system.

Disclaimer: The quoted numbers are based on my own analysis

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