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Hacker tried to steal 1.3 Million Indian User Information -Are You One of Them

Cyber security firm Checkpoint came out with report that more than 1.3 million Indian user’s information is being compromised. Hackers first attacked the vulnerable Smartphone and then entered into the information system through GP hosted popular applications.
As per the reports Hackers retrieved the email address to other information of the user. Google claimed that Hackers did not manage to retrieve the information. Google also claimed that they have neutralized more than 150k hacking attempt. As per the Checkpoint report, cleaning, browsers, memory booster, hot videos, few games are the culprit.
Indian users should be very careful while using their Smartphone and must install antivirus from the likes of symante, AVG and other well known company products. Be very careful before installing browser, it is advisable to use Chrome while accessing Internet using Smartphone. Keep checking background service app while going to settings section of your device. Keep changing your email password on a weekly basis to mitigate any unwarranted threat. For companies allowing their employees to use their own devices to access corporate service may adopt TrackTraffic which identified all the downloads user is doing on the devices as well as sleeper application which is active.
In Internet era, it's nice to get the good services but at the same time it offers many challenges to user for which users are not ready.
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  1. I am agree its a good cyber crime info to protect personal information, which is happening around us now a days. We should keep on eyes while using internet and smartphone.