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Why Gold prices Will Rise on Coming Quarter

The current global economic scenario is like volcanic smoke cloud and it needs clear path to progress. Many analysts are predicting that global economic recovery is slow  but Indian economy will do exceptionally good given the huge domestic market. 

In my point of view, except few countries, rest of the global economy is in trouble due to Geo-political reasons. Given certain circumstances, I believe that gold price will start going upwards for another 12 to 18 months. 

Followings are the reasons:
1. Any escalation in south China Sea will help gold
2. Any escalation between North Korea and the probability is higher
3. Unrest in middle east
4. Growing tension between India and Pakistan
5. Recovery in Chinese economy
6. High demand during holiday season
7. Ongoing recession in Euro zone
8. Japan economic state is not good and Bank of Japan again announced stimulus package.
9. Latin America economy conditions are very bad. Countries like Venezuela, Brazil and reeling under crisis.
10. The outcome of USA presidential election.  Any win of Donald Trump will be positive for higher gold prices.

Based on the detailed analysis, it is clear that currently the gold prices  are in consolidation mode before restarting upwards movement. 

Please take from your financial advisor before investing
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