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Why Problem Solving Skills Acts As Nucleus in Product Innovation & Commercialisation

The way world is moving towards technology, it's not far away when everything will be controlled through remote.

In the current education system of developing countries, studies are focus more on theoretical part and practical aspects are completely ignored.

If I take an example of India, Indian education system is based on theoretical knowledge transfer rather than implementation oriented one.

Problem solving skillset is must for everyone for successful professional life as well as to differentiate one's from others at workplace.

Once we get experienced a bit then we generally work on routine assignment and miss the analysis part of it. In case of company allocate one product development assignment then we follow set KPIs and follow it blindly. We rarely focus on enhancing it and it's implication on implementation based on potential use of Technology followed by financial implications.

One should first analyse What we want to develop. Why someone will buy it ? How we will develop it? Who will be buying it? Where we may get stuck? These are the questions we should ask our self and start our analysis part from "where" and it will help you to list down the probable problem you may face while developing the product. One should then delimit the listed problem and subsequently define the phases of product development. On the basis of delimited problem statement, we must select the most suitable technology to develop the product coupled with the cost involved. Cost act as Nucleus of Product development as  it helps you to do risk, competitor analysis. Basis Cost of Product development, one can develop their go to market strategy including the pricing which should be competitive.

Post analysis of many startups and past experience, I realised that major reason of failure is because of problem solving skillset within the development team.

One may come out with excellent concept and may allocate the best resource to get it developed. Till the time you don't delimit the problems which you want to solve and present it as product in the marketplace; success is very difficult to come.

Differentiated Innovators always work on Problem Statement and de limitation when they analyse any concept.

Once innovators successfully do the problem de limitation then they know the product road map and product release time. It also help them to allocate the trained resources accordingly. I call it reverse Eagle eye process as it reduce the cost of development of product line and validation of the delimited problem statement help in defining the road map for the Commercialisation of  released product.
Indians are great Innovator once they get that environment else most of us waste our potentials
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