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Are we going to see Supremacy War between Google Pixel & iPhone 7

World two most innovative companies are at loggerhead for not the bad reason but to show the technological and design supremacy. At one hand iPhone 7 is owned by Apple which is known for unmatched design whereas Google is known for constant innovation & mapping it.

Apple started its device business unit and kept the momentum whereas Google bought Motorola Mobility and tried to enter into Smartphone segment to capture wide base of Android but failed. It prompted Google to sell its device division to Lenovo few years back.

Now Google again jumped into device market with brand new Device Pixel packed with high RAM, ROM and other feature. We all know that Google enforces its 20 plus applications on each and every devices irrespective of device manufacturer. Google recently launched Whatsapp competitor Allo to capture more market share.

On a contrary, Apple iPhone is closely coupled with Apple owned Closed environment System which offer security to upgrade to applications to cloud solution.

Apple proved that its iPhone series are well expected due to robust hardware and stable software with less incident of any malware whereas Google Pixel needs to differentiate itself from its own partners like Samsung, LG, Sony and other.

Some specification is mentioned below:--

Higher RAM or ROM or Battery carries little to no value but the robustness reputation of hardware matters. This is the verdict of end user post survey of more than 1000 influential userbase

Disclaimer – The opinion is personal based on survey. Please share your reviews and comment.

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