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Is Reliance Jio User Activation Process Flawed

Reliance jio is in news for both good and bad news these days. They acquired 16 million users in 30 days surprised all. Based on the channel check, the pace of user acquisition is still very strong and in one way potential users wants to get the SIM immediately to avail free offer till 31st Dec 2016 to reduce their communication cost. In many cases, many families are moving to Reliance Jio service with simple notion that they will save around 1000 to 1500 INR on monthly basis. The service is very popular in low to kid earning group especially among students.
It's a universal truth that any new service launch comes with teething problems and that what is happening with Reliance jio too.

Based on the user feedback followed by analysis, it is clear that Reliance Jio user registration process lack AAA  (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting).

The Activation and service provisioning follows the following path
1. User Need to Download My jio applications.
2. Need to fill the details including Mobile Number.
3. Need to give the location information to tag user with nearest Reliance Jio center for user authentication.
4. Post successful information and validation paper selection, application generate " Bar Code" which users must show it at activation center along with the validation papers to get the SIM followed by service provisioning.
The above processes looks very robust but recent report as well as user experience shows the gap in the process.

The followings are the process which is flawed:
1. The My jio app is nothing but information collection app and tagged with bar code generation which is getting pushed.
2. The database logic do not map and lock device Id,  IMEI, location, device model and bar code. That is the reason that user are complaining that there bar codes are redeemed when they have not done it.
3. When any user goes to center to get the SIM then they have to show the barcode which should be sent out to server along with validation Id followed by mapping of barcode with the earlier captured information about the user while they try to generate the barcode
4. Reliance jio missed to map that and then only misuse of barcode redemption is so high.
5. I failed to understand that how system accept barcode generated by someone with the feeder mobile number and being used by another mobile number.
6. In many cases, users are getting their service activation in 2 hrs and it indicate that reverse validation process is missing completely. How do we know that the user requesting for service activation and provisioning is the same user. The missing part of this is enabling many to misuse the process.
7. Reliance jio may choose to go to youtube and there are hundreds of video on the same.
8. It also started illegal SIM allocation business wherein user who can't get the SIM is getting the same.

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