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Donald Trump Love For Mr. Modi Policies

US Republican Presidential candidate for 2016 showed his love towards Indian living in US and the policies Indian Prime minister is implementing in India. I would like to thanks Donald for the same but at the same time it raise few concerns.

These days Donald Trump is surrounded by one or another allegations and his popularity rating going down dramatically.

During primaries and many occasions he raised his concern towards IT outsourcing and especially to Indian IT giant without knowing that many of the IT companies are generating thousands of local job.

The Indian community in US is very powerful due to their intellect position and education and heading many organization. 

For the last many presidential election, Indian voted overwhelmingly for Democrats and considered to be big donor during election campaign. 

Post recent unwarranted allegation which popped up, many donor is asking their money back from Donald and Republican needs to raise funds as election campaign is staring at the last stage where most of the candidate throw their financial weight to buy advertisement slot to attract undecided voters. 

Donald in the past 4 months raised his concerns which indirectly indicates that he is favoring one community while ignoring another whereas during presidential debate he showed his arrogant nature. He claimed openly that he used loopholes of US taxation to save taxes then he will not have the face to ask for strict tax law.

I will be happy to hear from him about his opinion about Indian IT and non IT companies operating in US! 

The love of Indians by Donald is nothing but an strategy to attract undecided Indian voters to reduce the gap between Hillary Clinton and himself. 

I don't want to talk about his other controversial statements but failed to hear any policies which he is going to bring out on economy.Failed to hear about foreign policies, health care,  Homeland security etc. 

In case, he really want to win the heart and mind of voters then he should be crystal clear stand on the same and it's benefits.

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