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Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi - Seasoned Technologist, Strategist & Politician

Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi stormed National Politics of India at the end of 2012 and spearheaded his party into party with majority in his side. In the political world most of the global leaders to domestic leaders use one or another model of excellence to differentiate his or her capabilities to lead Global or National Level politics.

Politicians are generally very strong in History and Geography but very few are excellent in Technology segment and using Technology in his strategy to do politics.

Mr. Narendra Modi always stressed the strength of changing Technological domain and implemented that technology in his State while he was Chief Minister of Gujarat. In his 11 years plus rule as CM, he transformed his state through Technology adoption and most of his strategies were aligned around Technology. He is one of the first leader in India who used Social Media and kept stressing that Social Media is the best way to understand fellow Citizen of country located in different geo.

During his campaign for General Election in 2014, he trumped his opponent through Technology adoption. His opponent kept guessing his strategic move as he used technology to change his strategy basis opponent party move and trumped whole lots of politicians including veterans.

Post successful Elections campaign, he changed the combination from Technology + Strategy to Strategy + Politics. He invited his counterparts from SAARC countries and demonstrated that he is open for Collaborations. He visited all SAARC countries and strategically communicated that India and Indian people wants peace, prosperity in collective manner. He suddenly landed in Pakistan on Pakistan Prime Minister Birthday and took the whole world by surprise.

He was well aware that he first needs to demonstrate that India is trying before going for offensive. His ultimate aim was to put terror on global map but he realized that earlier government also tried but failed in putting their words in strong words and aligning the global leaders together.

He moved from different direction where no one was able to catch his strategic move. He proved it o world that all countries should be united to fight against poverty, environmental protection to terrorism.

His opponent kept on criticizing for his silence but being a seasoned politician, he kept his card very close to his chest and kept waiting for the right time to unfold his strategic move which again trumped all. He is the innovator of new politics where Technological understanding is very important to refine and define the growth and protection of country.
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  1. Narendra Modi has proved time and again why India needed the Prime Minister like him