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Indian Media Acts like Pillar of Indian unity - Do you agree?

The powerful Indian Media plays key role in bringing the truth out. They never care about the consequences but it comes out against government wrong policies as well as praise good work also. At the same time, they also offer opportunities to opposition parties to put across their concern in honest manner.
In my point of view, I should call Indian Media as Pillar of Indian unity in diversity.
Indian media used to be very vocal against terrorism and executed many risky reporting in the last many years to enable the government with proofs and in one way turned them self as digital intelligence group. The committed reporters of Indian media always tried to put across the correct assessment in front of global viewers to ensure that Indian creditability never goes down.
Many popular media channels such as Aajtak, NDTV, Zee news, AVP news, Timesnow and more than 100 local and national level channel helped government in channelizing social awareness campaign for those who needs them the most.
Post Pathankot airbase and URI attack, Indian media played key role to broadcast Indian citizen anger against terrorism and indirectly conveyed it to government.
At last, Indian Prime Minister led the strategic politics to isolate Pakistan before handing over the surgical attack on terrorist camps in PoK to armed forces.
Ironically, post surgical attack, Indian Prime minister refrained to give any comment but kept doing his work to ensure that Indian citizens are safe and secured.
Indian media, whose analysis and information repository in some cases is better than encyclopaedia wasted no time in praising government of day instead of BJP.
More or less all political party were left with no option but to support government but scenario changed within 72 hours and few opposition parties started politics around it.
After two weeks, Congress and other party started claiming that Surgical Strike happened earlier but they decided not to reveal it to Indian as they thought that news is not important for citizens. For me, the logic given is very illogical.
Indian media these days are in flux to report the correct information to world and making no stone Unturned in exposing the individual or political parties trying to take credit on surgical strike. Most interestingly, many participant in talk show with focus on surgical strike talks about it without knowing exactly the definition of the same.

I must thank all media houses, reporters, editors, crew members for their fabulous reporting to ensure that correct information goes down to each and every citizen of India rather than being governed by false poster advertisement by some individual politicians to political parties.

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  1. It is good to see Indian media seems united on national security issue and bring truth but there are many other major socioeconomic issues in India. Indian media houses seems sleeping in that front and they are showing biased information.

    So I think it not about uniting India it about selling content as par their benefit and TRP.