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The Political Clash between Germany and UK looming over UK exit from European Union - Long term impact unavoidable

Being powerful member of European Union, UK always got marginalised by the trio such as Germany, France & Belgium. It also started impacting UK monetary situation due to European Union decision to include ex Russian block countries with very bad economic conditions to be part of European Union. It started the influx of skilled and non skilled labour in UK and in turn created job problems with local citizens.
The ongoing problem prompted UK to go for opinion poll and decided to pull out of European commission.
Now UK wants to complete the exit process to be completed at the earliest but Germany put its foot down and in no mood to give any flexibility to Germany.
Delay of formal exit will create confusion among UK industries as well as it will impact UK economic growth. 
It is also clear that post exit, UK needs to talk with European commission to re-establish trade and other political ties which will be cumbersome and time taking. It is also expected that Germany will force European commission based companies to improve their efficiency so that any contract don't go to UK based companies so that European commission unemployment rate fulfil the guidelines.
It is known fact that European commission policies are dominated by France, Germany and Belgium as they are major financial contributor but they should be aware that one of the major contributor and powerful ally is not with them.
If European commission industrial growth doesn’t improve in coming days then there will be major crisis.

The reluctance by Germany to give UK any concession is bound to open political showdown between two strong countries in European continents.

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