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Indian Political Parties Needs Internal Surgical Cleanup - To learn Nation First

The recent political scenario in India is shameful and will be part of history for many centuries. As we all are aware that India reacted against the growing terrorist activities post URI army camp attack by executing flawless surgical attack in camps based out of PoK.  Indian armed forces to intelligence services are on high alert to throttle any attacks within India while getting the full support from citizens except some political parties. It shows the level of Indian politics and believes that major Indian political parties also need to execute internal surgical cleanup to show some respect for armed forces.

Post armed forces successfully destroyed terror camps in PoK, whole India cheered up and rallied behind the armed forces and the government.

Unfortunately, it lasted for merely 72 hours subsequent to that Indian political parties opened their cannon towards government and armed forces by asking proofs of surgical attack. It shows the sick mentality of few recognized leaders of Indian political ecosystem.

Isn’t it ironic that even after political parties head supported and were briefed about the operation, the party members started questioning armed forces as well as government and called it propaganda to gain popularity? In my point of view, Indian political parties were fast in realising the long term political pros and cons which prompted them to raise question mark within fellow citizen. Is it possible in India that any mid level politician can raise these questions without blessing of party president. I must congratulate active media in exposing them and one of them is honorable chief minister of Delhi Mr.Arvind kejriwal who knows each and every aspect. His video message were pointed towards Punjab election as sudden development at border followed by very proactive steps taken by current Punjab government clearly win the heart and mind of local citizens.

In my point of view, I should not mention about Congress VP Mr. Rahul Gandhi comment on our honorable and respectful Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the comment was beyond imagination and he as well as his party gained maximum negative publicity. It is also sad to see that emotional ex generals of Indian armed forces are coming on TV channels to explain the processes to few great politicians. These parties must remember that previous government kept mum for good 10 years while watching bloodshed because of their fear factor. We all should be proud of our armed forces and current government for standing in between terrorist and our beloved citizen. In my point of view, this unwarranted comment will bring them to brink during election. Its recommended that political parties to control their party member or show them the door to ensure that surgical cleanup within parties happen and set a threshold for upcoming politicians.

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