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Mr. Rahul Gandhi & Congress Failed to Decode Mr.Narendra Modi Strategy

Indian National Congress party ruled India for many years and claim that India growth is because of them but disown the failure by putting the blame on opposition. It's ironic that how someone only want to good words about them but go ballistic when come under critic view.

It's human nature that acceptance of failure is not common with all and Congress party falls under that.

The rise of BJP in Gujrat post 2002 under Mr. Narendra Modi followed by exponential growth and good law & Order acted like ego problem for Congress party. The whole party members,be it from local level to center level started levelling one to another allegations against Mr Modi without any substantiated proof. Then Mr. Modi even went through the SIT probe for Godhra right wherein SIT team did 12 hour interrogation. At last honorable court gave clean chit to Mr. Modi. 

Mr. Modi used Congress allegation in his favor during election as he really understand the pulse of common people and won three consecutive assembly election before entering into National Politics.
From 2013, he started touring whole India and opened all the cannon against Congress where he used their statement in his favor and demonstrated that he is the leader who can take decision and won 2014 general election  with overwhelming majority. During election, it was Mr. Gandhi and army vs. Mr. Modi and unfortunately Mr.Gandhi went awfully wrong in his strategy.

During election Mr. Modi promised that black money will be brought back and now Congress is left with only one pointer to point Mr. Modi failure but missed the point that current government till now assured that they will be  collecting around $ 5bn. Mr. Rahul Gandhi travelled all across UP and projected that Congress is with farmers and will improve their condition then I would like to inform that they ruled India from good 10 years when Mr. Gandhi was in politics. He has no right to talk about welfare of Indian when his party government in center did nothing for them except Manrega. 

The water went ahead of common citizens when he commented around surgical attack and Mr.Modi. When government to other political party reacted then he fielded his loyals to defend him instead of facing reporters by his own. When he gave comment then he should face the reporter. The most interesting point is Mr. Modi ignorance and his silence and there Congress gets trapped all the time. I am sure that during election in Punjab and UP election Mr. Modi is going to use Mr.Gandhi nice comment against Congress and in his favor for sure.

It seems that Congress is not able to play political chess game with Mr.Modi. If you observe then it's always a scenario where Congress is responding post the Mr. Modi move.By doing that they levelled themselves as follower instead of leader or initiators. 

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