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Cyber Surgical Action by Indian Hackers Post NGT Site Hacking - Tit for Tat Action

As I wrote in my earlier article that Cyber warfare is turning into tactical war game. It can cripple the whole electronic media in no time. Mr. Narendra Modi being a true believer of communications world stressed on multiple occasion that India should be well prepared for Cyber War game. I am sure that Indian government must have initiated the process of enhancing the capabilities of Indian Cyber expert taking care of Cyber war game and the protection of India electronic system.

Post Uri attack few hackers from Pakistan defamed National Green Tribunal website and pasted Pakistani slogan. As we all believe on Newton 3rd law and that what exactly started happening. Indian hackers started onslaught on Pakistan electronic site as a retaliation and this is based on the report published one of the leading media application.

We all must agree that Indian IT sector is the best in the world and there are many thousands of security expert sitting. It will be very difficult for Pakistan to survive in from Indian Security expert. In my point of view, none of the parties are going to get any outcome by following tit for tat policy.

The only solution of all is to stop cross border terrorism which is being supported by few and rest of the population is suffering.

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  1. wow... 3rd newtons law's perfect matching. action = reaction