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The Trend in European Union & USA - Target Companies with Tax demand and Fines

We all know that global economy is on the path of slow but steady recovery. For any growth to be sustainable it is very important that USA and European Union based countries economy grow.

Post the creation of European Union, many financially weak countries got an opportunity to be part of European union. The rich member countries were forced to support the weaker one to keep the union United but at the end UK decided to exit European union.

Many blamed that European union commission is actually driving all rules and regulations without the understanding of ground realities.

Post European union creation, we also observed that European union and USA target each other companies with tax demand and fine.

The most recent one is tax demand of billions of euros by European commission from Apple. Deutsche bank may face fine of many billions of Dollars which will be imposed by US justice department.

We also remember BP case in USA whereas Google and Microsoft faced fines in Europe.The trend needs to be stopped otherwise it will have cascading impact on world economy.       
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