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Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi Should Direct Bank to Give Preferences to Senior Citizens

Honourable Indian Prime Minister conviction to eradicate black money from the system is gaining pace with every moving day. The coordinate secrecy based preparation of demonetization of 500 & 1000 denomination sent shivers to cash hoarders. Indian citizens  are going to see the positive impact of the same in their daily life after 3 to 6 months.

The move is definitely superb but at the same time brought some pain for the common citizens.
I must congratulate Indian for their support towards the government move but at the same time citizens must support the movement by keeping aside Me attitude.

The decision of government left citizens with no options but to rush their respective banks to take out cash or deposit their money. We also know that more than 200 millions of Indians falls under senior citizen category and the process is nothing but a torturous moment for them.

The rush in the bank with only gents and ladies line is keeping senior citizens waiting for hours and hours.

We Indians are so great that we only think of our self's and never extend support in many scenarios and current ongoing scenario is one of them.

Are we as an young Indians are so shameless that we keep on observing that senior citizens are in lines for hours but we never ask them to an option to come first so that they can go home healthy and peacefully.

Why can't bank official initiate a no wait rule for senior citizens?

Why can't there will be three queue and one should be dedicated to senior citizens? Are we so shameless that we don't have curtsy to extend them helping hand to get their work done fast?

It's also a business opportunity for logistic firm to offer cheque and cash pick & drop respectively.
Many Indians parents live alone and we should think by keeping our self in their shoes to understand their pain and anxiety. 

All political parties are involved in showing their support for those queuing outside bank but fail to help those who really need help.

In my opinion, PMO should release strict directives to all banks to ensure that Senior Citizens of India must get priority access.

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