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Changing Trend of Indian Politics -From Parliament to Bank Queue

Indian is one of the most dynamic political geography where political parties can raise question on any damn thing.

As an Indian, we lack in appreciating good work but always try to find out the issues around it. The scenario fit perfectly with Indian political parties. They raise questions for the sake of raising questions. Isn't it? If you disagree then please read the newspapers to TV channels these days. Earlier political parties used to rub the shoulders in parliament but thanks to transition towards digital medium; Indian political parties are most aggressive user of the same.

Now parliament moves to TV channel and if you observe that many honorable politicians are silent in parliament but very vocal on TV Channel.

The situation got worse when Mr.Modi attempted to make India free from black money. Instead of praising it, few politicians decided to stand in the queue of bank to exchange the currency they hold.
Please give me a break Mr. Politician; we all know your family background to status.

You are protected by Special Forces and your decision to stand in a queue is nothing but to attract the footage that you stand with common people. By visiting bank along with your security guards, getting the selfie clicked, launching while getting arrested is nothing but your intentions to regain the lost ground.

By doing bank politics you not only disrupted the security system but many citizens faced the problem.

Is India going towards power hungry country while playing around with the emotions of common people?

There are many fantastic politicians who are engaged in helping common citizens but we never give them footage.

We all should introspective and support those who is really supporting us

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