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Multi-Bagger Indian Equity For 2017 - Don't Miss It

Indian Equity Market experienced blunt of Demonetization and may investor lost their money. In the beginning of 2016, Equity Market Indicated that 2016 will be gold mine for investor but it turned out to be trap mine for investor.Post Demonetization of 500 & 1000 currency bill on 8th Nov 2016, Indian Stock Market failed to sustain in selling pressure from FII's as un-certainty around company performance prevails. Most of the Equity corrected around 35 to 40% whereas some of them even corrected till 60%.

In-lined is the first part of Equity Recommendation for 2017 which posses capability to give investor more than 100% return.

Sintex Industries - Currently trading at 74 INR went all the way to 125 -130 INR range but corrected in similar manner. Company went ahead to split the business as well as came out with well accepted right issue to shore up its balance sheet. If we look at Sintex result, company is performing well and most importantly, it will be coming out of capex cycle to revenue generating cycle which will bring additional revenue and profitability. Sintex is having strong resistance at 71 and it is making its base at and around 74 to 77 INR. Post Oct-Dec2016 result, it is expected that Stock price may fall further 10% before ticking upside. The Indian Government budget will be released on 1st Feb 2017 and it is expected that Government will increase their budget on cleanness to water which will be supportive to Sintex. It is expected that Sintex will end 2017 in the range of 170 to 190 INR. We have Super Buy recommendation.

NMDC - Another causality of 2016 will turn out to be darling of 2017. In 2016, NMDC survived tough pricing environment and now observing increasing in ore prices. NMDC also invested in power plant which will be revenue assertive given the location and supply of coal. The international price of Iron Ore is witnessing exponential rise which will help NMDC to recalibrate its strategy to increase their revenue, EBITA and Cash Flow. The government enforced Share buyback reduced the floating share in the range of 20 to 25% which will help company to achieve higher EPS. The other income of company is expected to back to normal by end of 2017 as company investment around 8000 Crore in buyback. The dividend paying company shell out higher dividend yield which will help company to attract investors. The share price of NDMC is expected to trade around 175 to 190 INR range by the end of 2017 and one should expect higher dividend from the company. We have Super Buy recommendation.

Eros International - Super Causality of 2016 & will turn out to be super darling of 2017. Eros International share crashed from 600 plus INR to 150 INR level given accounting issue related report. Share price failed to recoup its losses and incurred huge losses to investor. Eros International is very strong media company and recently they are focusing on Mobile user base. They went ahead and collaborated with many domestic and international player in order to license their content which can be sold through partner platform. The recent quarterly result indicate that the revenue and profitability stabilization will take another quarter. 2017 will be booming year for Eros International Shareholder and potential to reach 400 INR by the end of 2017. It's a Super Buy recommendation.
Stay tuned and will come back with further multibagger.
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