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Titan Company - Difficult Time Ahead

One of the Tata Group jewel company is Titan Company. Titan is well established in Watch & Jewelers business and command premium. The uptick in Indian economy pushed company business and in turn the share price to 425 levels. The recent government decision to demonetization of 500 & 1000 impacted the overall economy to standstill as there are no funds in the hand of consumer.

Government move was to nullify corruption triggered black money and counterfeit notes.The move immediately triggered the frenzy buying of gold by the money hoarders and gold starter selling with hefty premium. The quick action by the government against those jewelers sent fear factors among jewelers & many of them closed their outlet in the fear of government departments. Titan company also got impacted badly due to sudden change is consumer sentiments. It is expected that gold and luxury product will witness degrowth.

The big investor who invested in Titan Company started selling their positions which are predominantly FIi's. In my point of view, post Indian Prime Minister announcement that he also posses more plan and he is going to unveil more plan inflicted fear factor among consumer which is impacting Gold sales even during marriage season in India.

In my point of view, Titan Company may observe steep fall in revenue and profitability for the next few quarters which will also impact its share price. In my point of view, company share may fall 30% more before getting the base. It is advisable that investor should not get tempted with current share price but to wait-watch-pick-accumulate strategy. In conclusion, Titan Company will go through another tough time and offer Opportunity for long term investor.

Disclaimer: Consult your financial advisor before investing

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