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Using Mobile Wallet In India - Secure Yourself First

Indian Government is pushing unprecedented campaign across country for cashless economic adoption. Leading mobile wallets companies observed unprecedented organic growth in their application download covering both consumer and enterprise segment. 

Demonetization Drive followed by higher adoption of cashless payment mechanism activated hacker's & news are flooded with incidents were common people lost their money. I do agree with GoI initiative but the prequisite to promote it is lagging. The most important initiative should be awareness program to educate user how to keep their transaction secured. 

We have seen many complain coming from all quarter of user. In order to do secure transaction, user should stay away from downloading unknown apps, games and video. We know that Android is most adopted mobile operating system in India whereas Android is most vulnerable to malware, adware etc. Indian user must be very careful before handing over their devices, password and random phone call from unknown sources asking you to reset your password.

It's good to see India moving towards cashless economy but user awareness is most critical step to make the initiative success
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