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India Demonetization Drive - The Economical Surgical Attack On Counterfeit Currency Supported Terror Fund

Indians got surprising gift from government of India, when Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi announced discontinuation of 500 & 1000 currency bill with immediate effect. It sucked out 86% of the floating currency bill from the economy. Everyone started scrabbling to ensure smooth continuation of their livelihood to business whereas Black Money Hoarders, Essential goods hoarders, Corrupt Professionals, Anti Nationals got trumped on the back foot.

Based on the Intelligence inputs on continuous basis, Government was aware that neighboring country is promoting counterfeit currency bills in order to support terrorism in India and also pocketing huge profit which is enabling their Intelligence agency to prosper. Government kept the close vigilance on the huge budget of neighboring country intelligence group even though the economy of neighboring country is in shamble.

Indian government through its banking system kept on getting the report of rampant use of counterfeit currency bill mostly in the denomination of 500 & 1000 currency bill. Government also received credible inputs from the captured terrorists the working module of pushing counterfeit currencies. Most recent unrest in Kashmir was the tipping point when thousands of local young protesters came on street who were funded by terrorist group using discontinued currencies.

Government was also aware that domestic Maoist group is also involved in ransom game as well as having stockpile of high denomination currency bills which they have been using to buy loyalty from locals to arms purchase.

It was utmost importance for the government to break the backbone of terror as well as Maoist group funding route as well as to disrupt their ongoing mechanism to raise fund. By opting for Demonetization Drive of 500 & 1000 currency Bill, GoI executed economical surgical attack on Terrorist group and forced Maoist group to run for financial cover. Government of India attached intelligence group in close coordination with security professionals of Maoist hit area kept the vigilance and started arresting Maoist supporters to leaders once they were forced to come out of their hideout to get their currency bill exchanged or to manage the financial crisis they are facing.

Indian government opted for Demonetization Drive which will definitely impact economy but the disruption, that it will and has bring on terror funding, Maoist activity, will help in eradicating the funded terror activities which will bring ten times faster economic growth in coming quarter.
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