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Rahul Gandhi Allegation Against Narendra Modi - Start Of Congress Fall

The political arena in India is divided in two group. One group is led by Congress Vice President Mr.Rahul Gandhi who is supported by opportunistic politicians of India such as Mamta Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal whereas the other side of the goal post is protected by Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi followed Arvind Kejriwal path and accused Narendra Modi of being involved in personal corruption during press conference. The comment attracted strong criticism from all quarter which put him under lot of pressure to reveal the incident.

During Gujrat rally, Rahul Gandhi revealed that Narendra Modi took money from Sahara and Birla during 2013 and 2014 while he was CM of Gujrat.It seems that his political advisors are very weak in analysis as they missed to point out that Sahara Chief was in Jail during NDA government whereas Birla is fighting court case for their alleged involvement in coal scam.Similarly, he claimed that his revelation is going to bring earthquake but it seems that he don't even understand simple line of politics and it's  impact politically.

Congress is trying to demean Mr.Narendra Modi since 2002 but all the time their out of block allegation were being used by Narendra Modi in his favor.Rahul Gandhi lives in moon as his advisor keep on praising him and none of them carry a guts to tell him that his speech is nothing but a joke.
His continuous attack on Prime minister around Demonetization is going against him as Indian citizens are well aware that during Congress government, India witnessed mind blowing scam which triggered further flow of Black Money and majority of the citizens are supporting the move.

Rahul Gandhi should understand that the crowd coming and sitting in his rallies are poor people who is concerned about their bread and not Narendra Modi. He should be told that rallies audience are paid and by talking rubbish he is not only wasting party fund but also weakening grass roots level support.

He is not aware that Mamta Banerjee is today against BJP but at one point of time used to beg for Ministerial post.In my point of view, Rahul Gandhi is a politician who can bring only disastrous state for his party and nothing else.
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