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Rahul Gandhi Absurd Claim - Demonetization Drive Corruption

Indian National Congress party Vice President is coming on air everyday claiming one or another claims regarding Demonetization Drive attached corruption. Rahul Gandhi is claiming that he posses proofs that there is ruling party BJP supported corruption ongoing on without any problems. He is also claiming that if he will open his mouth then earthquake will come in Indian politics. The outburst against Demonetization Drive by Rahul Gandhi should be noted by the parliament and honorable Supreme Court.

Unfortunately it's Congress party who is orchestrating impass in parliament and not allowing to run smoothly. Many party member of Congress such as P. Chidamraman claimed that Demonetization Drive is the biggest fraud of the year. I would like to ask respected Rahul Gandhi and Pakistan. Chidamraman that or Congress party that who stopped them to go on the floor of Parliament and present the proof as it will help them in incoming election. They can also reach out to Honorable Supreme Court with roof and am sure that Honorable Supreme Court is strict enough to ask government of India to come clean.

In my point of view it's too easy to come on air and blame any initiative. It's obvious that Rahul Gandhi don't have any proof otherwise he or Congress party will never loose any opportunities to humiliate BJP led government.

In my point of view, Government of India should expose Rahul Gandhi borrowed strategy front Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to blame anyone without substantial evidence.In a scenario, reader agree or disagree, I will appreciate active participant from them.
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