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Indian Budget 2017 Prediction - Pro Social, Common People & Business Friendly

Indian Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley is going to present his fourth budget.Post demonetization, most of the financial analysts are wondering government gain out of it. Analysts are projecting that in order to smooth out citizen anger against,government will come out with people friendly budget.Based on the analysis, it's my prediction that government identified around 2 lakh crore which landed in cooperative bank, silent account, Jan Dhan account and other saving accounts whereas analyzing lakhs of crore which corrupt deposited using current account.

In my analysis, here is the expected taxation road map of Arun Jaitley Feb 1, 2017.
1. On personal tax, personal exemption will be increased from 2.5 lakh to 3.5 lakh.
2. Tax slab rates will be lowered.
3. Tax slab for the highest tax rate will be increased.
4. House loan interest exemption will be increased from two lakhs to ensure lakh.
5. Tax exemption for new home buyer where home buyer takes less than 30 lakhs loan. Steps will be used to promote affordable housing scheme. 
6. Special interest rate for those home buyers taking loan less than 15 lakh.
7. Education tuition fee limit will be increased.
8. Medical exemption limit will be increased.
9. Special tax benefits for those citizens which will use cashless transaction for their buying activities.
10. Special benefits for senior citizens on their saving in different instruments.
11. Financial support to Senior Citizens
12. Discounted health care benefits for Senior Citizens.
13. Short term capital gains tax will be increased.
14. Long term Capital gains terms will not be changed.

For Businesses, Arun Jaitley will come up with many benefits
1. Lower Tax Slab based on turnover.
2. Tax holiday for Startups.
3. Clarity on capital gains by Startup investors to founders.
4. Lower corporate tax.
5. Clarity on taxation on online advertisement.
6. Tax breaks for those companies involved in renewal energy.
7. Tax breaks for Oil exploration companies.
8. Tax breaks for Infrastructure project.
9. Tax breaks for Ports development.
10. Tax breaks for small scale industry opted for cashless transaction.
11. Tax breaks for those companies involved in Make in India plan.
12. Major push and incentives for defense organization.
13. And many more

In my point of view, Arun Jaitley will be riding high posy successful demonetization and will not hesitate in deploying that fund to ensure that the economy kicks off automatically.

The agenda of Indian Government will be to target voters in election bound states. Government will leave no stone unturned by offering all soaps to citizen which clearly gives a message to voters that the current government ensure higher cash fall in voter’s hand.

We all should be ready that during budget speech, Opposition is going to oppose many pointers of Arun Jaitley. If you disagree then please feel free to comment.
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