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Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 For Gemini Zodiac Sign

On 26th January 2017 Saturn will make transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius and subsequently leave 6th house for 7th house. It will be there till 24th January 2020 and will look at your 1st,4th and 9th house. The lord of your 8th and 9th house is lord Saturn and the movement of Saturn in 7th house with favourable glaze will have moderate impact and will bring sudden benefits and good luck for you. As you know that Saturn is lord of 8th House and bring some misfortune whereas Saturn is also lord of your 9th house which bring unexpected good fortune.

For Gemini, next three years will not bring any change in fortunes and may observe continuous travelling, Unwarranted expenses, Health problems and problems in relationship. Irrespective planets that might inflict, the most important criteria for you to keep the positive frame of mind with conviction to hard work, honesty and humbleness.

Jupiter presence in your house will bring visit to religious place or nature, international travel coupled with some trouble which you will tide over. You may land in problem with no way to get out but at the last moment you will be able to take the problem head-on and will be successful in solving that problem. Rest assured that whenever you will land in one or another problem then god will let you identify the one who will help you to sail through the problem. Mother love, care and blessing is most important energy for you so do take care of her and don't hurt her in any way.

During Next 3 years, you will tend to learn more which will give sharpness in your expression while communications during business or professional dealing followed by achieving name and fame for yourself. The continuous effort will translate increase in respect and fame in the society. The initial hard work will pave the way for you to generate better money inflow as well as recovering money which you have lent out to your associates. You will be successful in recovering forgotten money through the wise use of word which will even surprise you. You will be seeing very strong cash flow along with moderate outflow of cash. Business will give you good punch on earning side.

You may face growing caring relationship within family and any stress factor will die down with happiness around you which will motivate you to the core and effectively increase your conviction for more focused effort to get your goal. Be careful that your enemy will work for your disadvantage and you need to have to an eye to catch them.

Gemini may end up buying or selling new or properties/Vehicle/Gadget. Please ensure that you analyse the deal in and out with full thought before signing papers. Relocation is indicative and it will give you the prosperity. The higher the work load will bring more earning for you. Be assured that you will not get support from your employer but you will be the winner in case you use the word carefully.

Students may get the chance to go abroad for studies and it is indicative that they will tide over the financial aspect provided they are focused, honest and humble. Gemini looking for job will get the positive result. Please ensure that you don't resign in haste and ensure that new job opportunity papers are place. For those who's marriage got broken will get the new proposal.

Ensure to realign your old loan and stay away from taking new loan. In worst case scenario, if you have no other option to take new loan then please ensure to read all terms and conditions. Take care of your health. Stay away from oily or heavy food. Preference should be given warm homemade food. Ty to avoid fasting and take food on regular interval. Take care of your father's health and special attention should be given on the same.

The above prediction is based on Astrology which is a Science and for some of them it may not happen. In case one need to know the specifics then they can send their queries to
Charges are applicable for specifics.
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