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Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 For Virgo Sign

Sani Peyarchi Plalangal 2017 for Kanni Rasi. On 26th January 2017; Saturn is going to transit from from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Saturn will move to your 3rd house from 4th house and will be there till 24th Jan 2020. Saturn will look at your 1st, 6th and 10th house. The Saturn movement to your 4th house from your moon sign is call Ardashtama Sani but one should not be worried about it as the impact will be dependent on your planetary location as per your birth time. Henceforth, the impact will depend on your planetary positions.

As per your sign, Saturn rule your 5th and 6th house and his movement to 4 house will bring new career opportunity coupled with delay in getting the job but at the end you will succeed provided you make an honest effort for the same. The 4th house presence of Saturn may create turbulent time in the office and hence ensure that you make hard word, be honest, humble and be very polite while communications. You should not give any opportunity to anyone in the office through delay delivery of assigned work, excuses, stay away from office gossip and unwarranted leaves. You may get tempted to leave your job but don't take that drastic step until unless you have confirmed offer for other job in your hand.

You may encounter with unwarranted travel coupled with less reward. You may get overloaded with tons of work and may feel frustrated and must think that this period will over. You must ensure that you keep your calmness and don't indulge in any unlawful activities. You should go for meditation and spiritual route to ensure that you are strong mentally to tide the tough time. The ruler of your 2nd house Venus in your Ascendant sign will enable you to recover the lost money and may observe higher cash flow along with incoming ancestral properties to jewellery. It will also change your economical state and economical problem will be reduced to the maximum. You should use your verbal polite communication to deflect any issues which may hinder your path growth and please ensure that you don't loose your temper.

Don't invest in new venture without proper due diligence and stay away from interfering your brother and sister life as it may bring bad name for you. You should take extra care of your mother health and at the same time you should be extra vigilant about your health. Any new problem or escalation of old problem should be reported to doctor without any further delay. On the property accumulations side, the indications are positive but be care while validating the properties. Don't pay advance till you are convinced that you are choosing right properties. You must take your better half or parents recommendations before investing.

You should take very supportive role towards your kids and don't insult them in front of anyone. Don't forget to allocate quality time with your family and do share all your problems as their blessings will reduce your hardship. Your love life will be ok but you will require lots of hard work and effort to maintain it. In case of any court case; the decision may come against you and you should be mentally ready for the same. As conclusion, be honest, helpful and hardworking to ensure smooth sailing.

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