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Eros International Media - Long Term Investment

Eros International Media is known name in entertainment segment. Their Eros Now Application is also very popular product in the marketplace which will enable Eros International Media to get benefited with the higher adoption of Smartphone under 4G Era.

Eros International Media went through the major slide in their stock price post rumor around its book keeping. Its Stock went down to INR 125 from INR 554 and wiped out many investor money especially F&O Player.

Fortunately, Company proved the allegation wrong and now management is back to focus on company growth. Company reported INR 59 Cr profit in Q1 even though revenue came lower than expected but company also reduced their expenses.

It is expected that during holiday season company performance will be far better than expected. At the same time, Collaboration with Reliance Jio will be add to profitability. With the transformation in entertainment segment with the evolution of mobility segment, Eros International Media is well positioned to capture the opportunity in Medium to long term.

It is advisable to buy the share in small number and buy the same during market selloff's. Few good quarter is going to take the stock back to upwards path.

Consult your financial advisor before investing
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  1. Sir this blog covers this stock quite well too