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Reliance Jio User Acquisition Strategy - Bypassing Mobile Number Portability

Reliance Jio 4G service stormed the market with free tariff surprise. It took its competitor by surprise and forced incumbent to scramble for realigned strategy.
Unfortunately, Reliance Jio and Incumbent operators are at loggerhead on the issue of sufficient point of interconnect and Mobile Number Portability.
Reliance jio accessed incumbent that they are not giving sufficient PoI which is leading to higher call failure and impacting the quality of service. Reliance jio also accused incumbents that they are placing multiple clauses before releasing any user under Mobile Number Portability.
In order to achieve its mission of acquiring first 100 million in shortest period of time, Reliance jio asked it's field team to make acquired user the primary user of Reliance Jio.
In India most of the Smartphone come with double SIM and now Reliance jio is asking users to make the Reliance Jio SIM primary and then only the services will be activated. By doing so Reliance jio is successfully pushing the Incumbent operator connection as secondary one.
In my point of view, it should be user prerogative to place the SIM on slot 1 or Slot 2. In anyways, Reliance Jio strategy is too good to acquire users.

Reliance Jio Revenue Model -Value Added Service & Mobile Advertisement

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