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Cyrus Mistry - Greediness Vs. Ethics

Cyrus Mistry the ousted Chairman of Tata Sons is in direct confrontation with Tata Sons as well as Ratan Tata these days. Post his firing from Chairman position; he shouted his defense to Tata Sons board but also ensured that information goes to media and inflicted millions of $ investor wealth.

Few queries popped up which I want to put across

1. Why he accepted Chairman Position knowing internal problems?

2. Why he never offered an insight of company financial status during quarterly & Yearly financial results?
3. When he was aware of potential $18 billion across companies then for what he kept waiting instead of moving a proposal to write off?
4. Why he is holding board Chairman Position of Tata Sons controlled companies when he was appointed by Tata Sons only.

One side he argue that all independent directors were appointed by Tata Sons and they are supporting his work across Indian Hotels to Tata Chemical then the same applies to him. When Tata Sons appointed him then fired him. In that scenario he should resign from all the post but he is trying to hang on. When company situation is so bad then why he is trying his best to hold on. The reason is corporate politics. The manipulators of the Industry is doing nothing but using Mr. MISTRY and his advisors are his real enemy. 

I must give credit to Tata Sons ethics but being an investor of many Tata group company, I lost 25% of my investment because of Cyrus Mistry intention to control the companies which he feels that he can get it without investing single penny.

All investors should revolt against wealth destroyer Mr. MISTRY and ensure that he steps down.
I must call him the shameless chairman of many Tata Companies and articulated his silence since the beginning to ensure his grip on the companies.
It shows that in his case greediness over ethics.

In my opinion, market regulator should launch probe against him and some of the independent directors who are supporting him to safeguard the interest of investors.

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