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Get Out Of Depression Immediately In One Hour

We as human go through ups and downs in our professional and personal life. During good time we tend to be positive and cherish everything. Many of us are emotional and sensitive in nature and get hurt on small happenings which change our thinking process immediately. Depression is one of the major problems all of us experience once in our lifetime and in many cases, we keep going downwards spiral. It impacts our health, personal life and professional life. It happened with me too twice. I know the pain of it and difficulties to get out it. Depression is a problem which does not let us die or lives but keeps us in pendulum state. The situation gets worse if we are reserved in nature.

I would like to give readers few pointers which I followed and go out of the problem. The process requires one hour exercise of any reader of this article.
1. How to get out of the negative thought process such as fear of losing your life?
Answer: Look at the watch & second watch never stop. So if you lose your life the world moves to next second then what is the use of thinking on that. It's true that you are worried about your family but watch will move. Instead of that accept the gravity of life and enjoy your life with your loved one till the time you are around with them

2. Depression triggered from stress and impacting health?
Answer: Many of us get stressed while executing our professional duties and in turn impact our health. The first health issue which arises from stress related depression is irritable bowel syndrome.
Please remember that your family to friend can only give you the medicine but you have to go through the pain. You should remember that by getting stressed you are in trouble not your company, boss. Then why to get stressed because of that. Of you think that you will lose job then remember that the health problem triggered by stress will not let you perform and will lead to your firing. So who is helping company or boss to fire you? It's you not anyone else, so stop torturing you. You perform with the best of capabilities and that's all. 

3. Depressed because of your growth?
Answer: Your growth is in your hand. Forget the rest and give the best should be your approach. Will you get the desired growth by keep on thinking or you should work smartly to achieve it. So you are biggest showstopper of your growth by thinking negative about your potential.

4. Depressed because of being single?
Answer: No one can change your destiny. If you are supposed to meet your partner then you will put yourself in such circumstance where you will meet him or her. Then it’s stupid thought process to waste your time.

5. Having problem with your partner?
Answer: Relationship works on compromise. One should think that it cannot be own way. It works from both sides. If your partner is not supporting it then what’s your mistake. It’s better to compromise with fools rather than try to convince them. Why you are impacting your life? When it’s not your mistake then you don’t deserve to suffer.

Please follow the following steps to convert your depression into Successful growth path:
1. What you are gaining by continuous thinking? Start loving yourself first.
2. Get ready everyday and wear the dress you like the most.
3. Talk about your problem with your friend or best buddy.
4. Identify your strength point and start working on it.
5. Try out before making opinion about anything.
6. Listen music which you like the most.
7. Make friends who are more knowledgeable than you.
8. Respect yourself and indulge yourself in social work.
9. Read newspaper or watch news channel and start writing your thought on different topics.
10. Be a communicator to express your feelings.
11. You care for those who care for you.
12. Most important, never hesitate to accept your problem and consult doctor without hiding anything.

Dear readers, I went into depression because of work related stress. I always wanted to be on the top which led me to a situation where I closed myself in closed room and kept on working. It developed anxiety syndrome followed by irritable bowel syndrome. When I landed into health problem then many came to give me lectures to medicine but only my father-in-law, few friends like Ujjwal, Vijay Singh, Rakesh Jha, Mathew, my wife Ekta and little three year daughter Vedika understood my problem.

I followed the above steps and now I am leading multiple companies with satisfaction. I would like you to have friends the way I had so that you overcome your Depression by your own.
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