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Indian Opposition Party Getting Ready To Waste Taxpayer Money In Upcoming Winter Session

Indian political arena is boiling and all credit should go to Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Post the demonetization of 500 & 1000 notes, Indian political parties are more concerned for common people than the common people worried for them self’s. The stunning announcement to eradicate black money from the financial system immediately trapped all those playing with cash and do not believe in paying taxes to Indian Government.

The move got overwhelming support from the common people and political parties also realized that they will be the biggest loser during 2019 election as the move is considered as boldest decision taken by any government post independent India. It prompted some of the politician to stand at queue. The most surprising move came from West Bengal CM Mamta Banarjee by reaching out their arch rival to make sure that they make maximum noise in upcoming winter session of parliament.

Many political parties such as JDU and BJD came out in full support of the initiative whereas BSP, SP, Congress and some other parties are taking the cover of common people to ensure that government don't get brownies for the initiative. Opposition parties of India are going to ensure that parliament does not function in upcoming session and will project their move as the representation of common people view. These parties just understand that common people pay taxes and common people carry full right to see the smooth functioning of parliament for the best interest Indian citizens.

In my opinion, Opposition party will lose their support base more if they stall the parliament. They also know that in recent exit poll in UP, BJP is leading and it will help them to blame that BJP did this to ensure their victory by taking out cash component from the market whole keeping their own. 
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